2017-2018 3D movie collection-32 blurays ( Hot summer sale) Region free 1 movie only 5$

2017-2108 3D movie collection bluray

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Product Description

2017-2018 3D movie collection Blu-ray
Region Free + Free Shipping

Movie collection

1 Beauty and the beast 3D

2 Black panther 3D

3 Blade runner 3D

4 Coco 3D

5 Despicable me 3 3D

6 Geostrom 3D

7 Guardians of galaxy 2.0 3D

8 Jumanji welcome to the jungle 3D

9 Jurassic world: Fallen kingdom 3D

10 Justice league 3D

11 Kong skull island 3D

12 Pacific rim 3D

13 Pirates of the caribian dead men tell no tales 3D

14 Rampage 3D

15 Ready player one 3D

16 Skyscraper 3D

17 Small foot 3D

18 Solo a star wars story 3D

19 Spider man homecoming 3D

20 The boss baby 3D

21 The lego ninjago 2 3D

22 The meg 3D

23 The mummy 3D

24 The nut job 2 3D

25 The son of bigfoot 3D

26 Thor ragnarok 3D

27 Tomb rider 3D

28 Transfomers the last night 3D

29 Valerian and the thousand planet 3D

30 Wonder women 3D

31 Cinderella

32 Crimes of grindelwald

Only compatible with Blu-ray 3D Player.

TV Needs to have 3D function as well.


This is digital copy


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Beauty and the beast 3D, Black panther 3D, Blade runner 3D, Cinderella, Coco 3D, Crimes of grindelwald, Despicable me 3 3D, Geostrom 3D, Guardians of galaxy 2.0 3D, Jumanji welcome to the jungle 3D, Jurassic world: Fallen kingdom 3D, Justice league 3D, Kong skull island 3D, Pacific rim 3D, Pirates of the caribian dead men tell no tales 3D, Rampage 3D, Ready player one 3D, Skyscraper 3D, Small foot 3D, Solo a star wars story 3D, Spider man homecoming 3D, The boss baby 3D, The lego ninjago 2 3D, The meg 3D, The mummy 3D, The nut job 2 3D, The son of bigfoot 3D, Thor ragnarok 3D, Tomb rider 3D, Transfomers the last night 3D, Valerian and the thousand planet 3D, Wonder women 3D

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